Meet Our Donors

Preserving Legacy, Honoring Family

Keith Mautino

Keith Mautino Moore grew up with ranchland as his playground. He recalls bicycling through the fields on his family's farm with childhood friends, picking truckloads of sweet peas and being engulfed in their fragrant aroma. Later, as he learned about his family history on California's lands, he began to truly appreciate and value their importance in his life. More

The Dream of Preserving California's History

Erik and Sandy Gregersen

As he is driving along the highway that runs through the Cuyama Valley in Central California, Erik Gregersen takes a moment to reflect on what rangeland means to him. Erik has firsthand experience of how development pressures have affected ranches and contributed to the loss of the open range in California over his lifetime. "I want to try to do whatever I can to keep some part of California like the California I loved when I was young." More

A Family's Commitment to Rangeland Conservation

Stories of the land are inextricably woven with the people who care for it. Each generation carries forward familial values of stewardship and an ingrained desire to leave the land in better condition than when they found it. Read More


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